When it was time to replace the small 1950s Māori Land Court on a high-profile Gisborne river-front site, we carefully considered the design of every element of the building. It was crucial to place Māori culture and design at the forefront of our thinking, given the pivotal role that the court plays for local iwi. The result is a bold, modern and fit-for-purpose space, which respectfully referencestraditional marae and Māori culture.

This evocative interplay of traditional colours clearly reflects the function and culture of the Maori Land Court. The architects have drawn upon the hierarchy of colour to reflect the relative importance of the judiciary, the users and the public to maximum effect.

NZIA Colour Award

Our palette includes extensive use of purple, the colour which reflects the highest order of thinking. Interior design and furnishings reference traditional Māori design, in a modern context.

The building welcomes visitors with a sheltering entranceway and a series of pou that lead into the interior, where the same visual and cultural theme is continued.

Clients call it "the best courtroom in the country" and we are extremely proud to have created a comfortable and culturally appropriate space for our community.