The two new learning spaces are entirely flexible with both space and furniture designed to allow for one-on-one learning, small group learning and large group learning. Two breakout spaces are integrated into the larger environment but can be separated with sliding doors to create the perfect place for learning in small groups.

The two classrooms are joined by an open space which includes a shared wet area. This creates an environment in which art and science activities can be carried out, with teachers able to supervise even from inside. Indoors and outdoors are connected, with exterior breakout spaces created along the shared deck, which extends the teaching environment to include outside space. 

The building is an extension of the school’s existing senior classroom block, with the external deck being continued in front of the new classrooms to connect old and new.

A sense of fun and joy has been woven into the design, with a vibrant colour scheme and the inclusion of stepped seating and nock spaces creating opportunities for children to learn where they feel most comfortable. Colour blocking creates an identity for each of the two separate teaching

Children and staff love their new learning environment, and the flexibility it provides them with.
Principal Judy Nicoll says "Our new classrooms complement our approach to teaching and learning.
We are delighted with the flexible design and purpose-built spaces."