How much does it cost?

The cost is tailored to every client. Simple jobs cost more as a percentage of the total project cost. 
Big jobs can cost a smaller percentage of the total project cost. 
Alteration work costs more than new because we have to measure and draw up the
existing building before we can start the work.


How do you charge?

This is tailored to a client’s needs and brief. Options are:

  • a set fee/lump sum
  • percentage of construction cost
  • time basis – hourly rate plus expenses
  • a combination of all the above.

We do not ask for any money up front. We only bill for completed work.


Do you charge for the first meeting?

No. Our first meeting is free.
If a client lives a significant distance from our city offices, we will try to combine the first visit with another job.
In some cases, mileage may be charged.


Do you offer a partial service, like a sketch only?

No, we won’t just do a sketch. We follow an initial sketch with correctly drawn plans. We believe in carrying through the design intent to the finished article. That way, the client ends up with a complete version of the original design, not a diluted version, which can happen if someone else draws the plans without understanding the exact design intent.

Some clients like to manage the actual build process themselves. We don’t recommend this. There’s less risk and less hassle for the client if we look after this side too.


What’s the difference between an architect and an architectural designer?

Only a registered architect can call themselves, or their firm, architects.
Architectural designers can include the word architecture but not architects in their firms’ names.

Becoming an architect is a rigorous process. Architects have to complete intense training – a five-year university degree then a two to three-year internship within the industry.

Architects are moderated, regulated and supported by the New Zealand Institute of Architects. They must have continuing professional development.

Architectural designers may have limited or no training.


Why do I need an architect?

By engaging an architect, clients tap into a wealth of technical knowledge, skill and creativity – and the support of a professional institute.

An architect is a valuable partner providing innovative and practical support that ensures your project meets your needs and endures the passage of time.

An architect’s role goes well beyond design. They will oversee all the significant technical and administrative parts of your project.

Link to NZIA Guide to Architects Services


Can I pick which architect I want from the A44 team?

Yes. Everyone has different personalities. Having a choice is one of the benefits of a larger firm. Every project is reviewed by another in-house architect. If an architect is absent for a time, others can provide interim support.

A bigger firm provides more horsepower. That’s important when urgent action is required.

We also have a good network of larger architectural firms, which work with us to provide
specialist support where required.


Is my job too small?

No. We do everything. We help people with everything from installing French doors and altering
a bathroom to $7M commercial projects.


Do you work out of the Gisborne region?

Yes. While the majority of our work is from East Cape to Matawai to Wairoa, we also have completed projects in Auckland, Hawke’s Bay, Taupo, Palmerston North, Christchurch and Wanaka.


How does it work?

See PROCESS section